Top of Air Jordan at Whistler

Standing on top of Air Jordan. It is a famous cliff drop in Whistler with some serious air. It is actually two cliff drops in a row. It could use a little more snow.

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DOA at Whistler Blackcomb, BC

This video I took just shows you what it’s like in the DOA Chute. It’s actually called Down, Over and Around. I like the other title better. No cliffs or anything difficult. You can usually find good snow and it’s kind of a cruiser run. Lot’s of fun!

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Saint Anton, Austria and Avoriaz, France

Luke and Shaun Johnson on a ski trip in Saint Anton, Austria and Avoriaz, France in 2006

Photographer: Luke Aalgaard

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Cliff Drop at Whistler Blackcomb

Was out with Todd Easterbrook, professional photographer, scoping out some lines and came across this one. It was awesome. I took these pics. Waiting for the ones Todd took from below. Should be today!

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Bluebird Day

Blackcomb, BC
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You Got To See This! –

You Got To See This! –

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Healing up at the Lake

I took these pictures a couple of days ago. I’m just healing up at the lake house in the Okanagon. I’m doing a lot of hiking to stay in shape. I’m having a great time! Come and visit!

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Seven Screws and a Plate


To read the article click – Seven Screws and a Plate | – Freeskiing Community.

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Photo Shoot with Whistler Photographer Todd Easterbrook


Whistler Photographers, Todd Easterbrook and Jeff Boyce, with Skier – Luke Aalgaard

December 18th, 2012 – I had an amazing photo shoot with Todd Easterbrook and Jeff Boyce.

We spent the day together at Whistler Blackcomb getting the photos you see on my website.

Thank you guys for the awesome pics.

To get your portfolio done with Todd Easterbrook visit his website at:

And give him a call.

Take care!

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JP Auclair Street Segment from “All. I. Can.”

This is a really great clip from All. I. Can.

Thank you JP Auclair and Sherpas Cinema.

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